quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009


to crown a week of mutual thanksgiving from precious people, here it goes:
building up a tour for pocahaunted and sun araw and tourmanaging the whole venture is furiously extenuating, but if it wasn't for the presence of huge minds and warm love from cameron, william, ged, manda, britt, and diva, i don't know how it could have been possible.
as cameron said, it's really special and astonishing..well, SICK, to find minds on the same stellar harmonics across a whole ocean.
thanks to every single promoter, cook, squat comandante, the basilique in Lyon and the whole zdb crü in Lisbon, who managed to get pocahaunted / sun araw to play after the sick Konono Nº 1.

sieg semen und geovaginological mucus!

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